Starting A Window Washing Service In Houston

The window washing business is very lucrative in urban areas, owing to the concentration of business establishments, schools, shopping complexes, and residential units. Houston is known for its big city glitter, and your window washing business in the city will never be out of clients.

Advantages of Starting a Window Washing Service in Houston:

o Business Opportunities: A big city like Houston will have many residential and commercial establishments in need of your Window Washing Service.

o A Window Washing Service is easy to start.

o You do not need too much capital to get started on the Window Washing Service.

Starting a Window Washing Service:

You need to keep in mind following things when starting a Window Washing Service in Houston:

o Finances: You can approach the Houston Small Business Development Corporation to get access to capital.

o Training: Window washing needs some practice to master, and it not an easy job. You can read a manual or even go online to learn how it is done.

o Equipment: You will need dual holed buckets, where you can put clean and soapy water. You will also need squeegee and a squeaky.

o Clientele: Getting a good clientele is the biggest challenge for any window washing business. You need to draw clients through incentives and special offers. The market is fiercely competitive, so getting clients can be difficult initially.

o Referrals: Referrals maybe the best way for you to get clients. You can get referrals by doing your job very well, and through some clever customer relationship management.

Window Washing In Houston: Customer Relationship Management

Window washing business is a fiercely competitive area, and you need some good customer relationship management skills to get new clients, and retain old ones.

You may enter into a contract with customers to clean their windows periodically. Homeowners would want their windows cleaned every 4-6 months. Commercial establishments need the job done more frequentlyclick to read.

You need to get in touch with customers when their window washing is due, since most people tend to forget something like that. Phone calls are better than emails, as they have a personal touch to them.

With good customer relationship management, and good service, you can make your window cleaning business in Houston a great success. You also need to have a sound business plan. Capital is not a problem, since Houston offers many financial aid programs to small businesses. To know more about window cleaning business in Houston, you could consult a small business consultant.

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